Endosurgery simulator

Learning as well as maintaining and enhancing of essential laparoscopic skills, knowledge, and techniques.

  • Course of basic skills training, including additional suturing modules
  • Extensive educational content
  • Magnetic haptic feedback for simulating the resistance of internal organs
  • Presence of virtual hints, step-by-step instructions and video courses

ENSIM.LPR — can be used to acquire as well as maintain laparoscopic skills, making it a system suitable for trainees and students, as well as for doctors in residency training and a wide range of medical specialists.

The simulator’s software provides the highest level of detail of the patient anatomy; detailed simulation of the resistance of organs and instruments based on modern magnetic feedback provides realistic tactile perception when performing interventions.

The educational platform enhances knowledge and technical skills, and improves communicational skills and teamwork. Simulator can be integrated in any curriculum or training program. Suitable for individual- as well as team training.


- Compact size
- No specific requirements for installation
- Easy transportation
- Additional training modules can be installed later

Compact portable design which can easily and conveniently be placed on any table for training; the perfect solution e.g. in skills centers, workshops and seminars


- One-piece structure
- Wheels for easy transportation
- Different monitors for endoscope and instruments controls
- Adjusting the height of the workspace

Sophisticated and mobile design with a wheel cart and an electronically adjustable display and working height; the perfect solution for training rooms and simulation centers


- Working with a realistic robot-patient
- Performing endosurgical interventions as surgical team
- Apparatus imitation of Laparoscopic stand

Complete operation room setup with real position of the surgical team; it designed for teamwork training and performance of surgical interventions at maximum level of realism

Library Of Modules

Basic skills in endoscopic surgery

• Control of camera with different viewing angles (0 °)
• Control of camera with different viewing angles (30 °)
• Hand coordination in space
• Instrument control skills
• Vessel clipping and capturing
• Instrument coordination in space
• Electrocoagulation operating skills
• Movement of objects in space
• Capturing of objects in space

Certain important skills in laparoscopy

• Movement of objects in space
• Movement of pins and objects on pins
• Endoscopic scissor handling (examitaion)
• Endoscopic scissor handling (training)
• Endo clip applicator handling

Complex of training tasks on suturing and knotting

• Square knot tying left hand
• Square knot tying right hand
• Surgical knot tying left hand
• Surgical knot tying right hand
• Interrupted (loop) suturing technique
• Interrupted (loop) suture for curved incision

Special critical skills of suturing and knotting

• Needle orientation in the needle holder
• Needle suturing left hand
• Needle suturing right hand
• Square knot tying on a thread without needle
• Surgical knot tying on a thread without needle
• Z-stitch overlaying
• Mattress suturing

Diagnosis of abdominal cavity

• Ovarian cyst
• Ectopic pregnancy
• Appendicitis
• Cholecystitis
• Perforated duodenal ulcer

Skills in gynecological surgery

• Tubal sterilization
• Tubotomy procedure in the isthmic of the right tube
• Tubotomy procedure in ampullar part of the right tube with active bleeding
• Tubotomy procedure in the isthmic of the left tube
• Tubotomy procedure in ampullar part of the left tube with active bleeding
• Oophorectomy

Execution of laparoscopic appendectomy

• Acute phlegmatic appendicitis
• Acute appendicitis with exudate appendicitis
• Acute appendicitis in pregnant women
• Acute appendicitis with retrotic positioning
• Gangrenous appendicitis with effusion and local peritonitis
• Acute phlegmatic appenitocyte with local peritonitis

Small bowel acute adhesive obstruction

• Acute intestinal obstruction, adhesion on ileum
• Acute intestinal obstruction, adhesion on jejunum

Execution of total hysterectomy

• Total laparoscopic hysterectomy
• Partial hysterectomy

Sigmoid colon resection

• Cutting vessels, mobilization and intersection of the sigmoid colon
• Anastomosis

Simulation Highlights

- Internal organs and abdominal cavity are modeled using footage from real surgeries
- Internal bleeding, that occurs during the exercise performance, leads to changes in the patient’s condition, including possible death
- When performing coagulation or dissection, the tissues of the internal organs change and react accordingly.
- Fluids (from unaddressed bleeding and using of irrigation) are accumulated in the abdominal cavity and must be aspirated.
- In each exercise, several instruments can be used in order to complete the interventions. At the same time, the software does not limit the choice of the instrument within the framework of the intervention.
- More than 20 types of instruments are available in the virtual library, with the possibility of choosing from different categories