Endovascular simulator

Learning as well as maintaining and enhancing of essential endovascular skills, knowledge, and techniques in radiology, cardiology and neuroradiology fields.

  • Identical to real C-arm control panel
  • Use of DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography)
  • Course of basic skills training, including C-arm operating training
  • Extensive educational content
  • Customizable training courses
  • Standardize, structure and complement hands-on skills training

ENSIM-EVS can be used to acquire as well as maintain endovascular skills, and is suitable for radiology, cardiology and neuroradiology training.

The simulator’s software provides the highest level of detail of the anatomy. Simulation of the endovascular instruments physics, haptic feedback and imitations spreading of X-ray contrast liquids allows the trainee to understand fundamental the principles of work for different types of intervention and to improve already existing skills.

It presents the user with real endovascular instruments and an extensive modules library. On top of that it has the possibility of different types of angiographic imaging, including X-ray with positive, negative and 3D mode, fluoroscopy, cineangiography and DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography) for roadmapping.


- Compact size
- No specific requirements for installation
- Easy transportation
- Complete set of training modules

Compact portable design which can easily and conveniently be placed on any table for training; the perfect solution e.g. in skills centers, workshops and seminars.


- One-piece structure
- Wheels for easy transportation
- Different monitors for radiography and fluoroscopy
- Adjusting the height of the workspace

Sophisticated and mobile design with a wheel cart and an electronically adjustable display and working height; the perfect solution for training rooms and simulation centers


- Working with a realistic robot-patient
- Performing endovascular interventions as surgical team
- Anatomically correct placement of catheters on the robot-patient body for insertion of endovascular instruments

Complete operation room setup with real position of the surgical team; it designed for teamwork training and performance of surgical interventions at maximum level of realism

Simulation Highlights

- During the fluoroscopy, the X-ray image reflects the corresponding changes in the current projection of C-arm and patient position
- Movement of blood vessels as a result of heartbeat and breathing leads to the corresponding changes in the X-ray image
- The spreading of the contrast agent through the vascular system can be tracked from the place of its administration to the system, which is determined by the current position of the catheter
- The intensity of the fluoroscopic image depends on the volume of the introduced contrast agent, the speed of input, the time passed since the moment of input
- Three access points (right radial, right femoral, left femoral)
- Simultaneous work with multiple access points
- In each exercise, several endovascular instruments can be used in order to complete the interventions. At the same time, the software does not limit the choice of the instrument within the framework of the intervention.
- More than 30 types of instruments are available in the virtual library, with the possibility of choosing from different categories