Production of medical simulators intended for the organization of modern medical training

Our products can be used by medical specialists with different levels of skills and knowledge, and are suitable for both students and doctors with many years of professional experience.

Complex software includes numerous exercises with different clinical cases as well as automatic tracking and evaluation of the progress of training greatly expands and deepens the degree of the learning process further assisting trainees and the teacher.

Veronika Skvortsova

Minister of Health
of the Russian Federation

“It was deeply satisfying to see (the simulation center in Kazan equipped with Eidos-Medicine simulators), especially in the view of a new accreditation requirements for medical workers, as well as the task of implementing it as a tool, which medical workers will be required to use for the confirmation of their qualification in given field. This is why this simulation center should take on the role of creating a network of similar simulation training centers across the country and being baked by leading medical and scientific educational institutions”

Arai Hajime

of Juntendo University

“We were quite impressed by the quality of these unique simulators installed here at the Kazan Federal University (KFU); created by KFU graduates and employees of the Eidos-Medicine company. Creation of the similar simulation center in Japan, which will be equipped with the simulators produced in Kazan, is planned this autumn”